Grinderman: Grinderman 2

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Grinderman: <em>Grinderman 2</em>

On Grinderman’s eponymous 2007 debut, Nick Cave howled, “I don’t need you to set me free.”

Three years later, Grinderman 2 finds the godfather of macabre rock ‘n’ roll having a hell of a time. The ragged nine-track album rages with songs that build from taut guitar jams to full-blown tantrums. Cave touches on religion and consumerism with his signature smirk, but he seems more focused on primal concerns. Guitars squeal and writhe, bass lines slither through the mud and Cave coos about “hanging around your kitchenette” so he can “get a pot to cook you in.” Lead single “Heathen Child” (about a girl who “don’t care about Buddha / She is the Buddha”) boasts guitars that blare like police sirens, but the album’s M.O. is summed up by the title of its shortest whirlwind: “Evil.” It feels good to be this bad.