Watch a Cryptic New Grizzly Bear Clip

Music Video Grizzly Bear
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Though it’s not much to go on, a 30-second clip from indie-rock group Grizzly Bear after what’s basically been a five-year silence is more than enough to stoke the flames of new album speculation.

And it’s not entirely unwarranted. Last year, the band teased that they were working on a new record to follow Shields, but that was about all we got from Grizzly Bear at the time.

Now, this is really the first scrap of new “information” we’ve gotten from the group since then. The clip is a touch more “experimental” than what we’re used to seeing from the band; the visual resembles something more from Tame Impala’s Currents than material by the lived-in, orchestrated rock group.

It is a 30-second video, after all, so it could be more of a feint than a portent of what the band’s been up to over the past decade. At any rate, the band has also launched a new Instagram account, which you’ll find here. Guess what the only post on it is?

While you wait, check out a 2007 Daytrotter Session from the band via the Paste Cloud and a 2012 feature on Grizzly Bear.