Hear Hall & Oates Play "Rich Girl" on This Day in 1977

Say money, but it won't get you too far.

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Hear Hall & Oates Play "Rich Girl" on This Day in 1977

Daryl Hall & John Oates were not and are not one-hit-wonders, but if they had befallen to that fate, “Rich Girl” would, perhaps, have been the song to seal the deal. When the catchy-as-hell tune was released in 1976 ahead of the duo’s album Bigger Than Both Of Us, it quickly scaled the Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #1 in early 1977. As was aforementioned, Hall & Oates were not one-timers—they would eventually score five more #1 hits in addition to “Rich Girl.” Bigger Than Both Of Us preceded their glory days: “Out of Touch,” “Maneater,” “Private Eyes” and “You Make My Dreams” all dawned in the ’80s. But there’s just something special about that first hit, the smug, funny, wonderfully kitschy “Rich Girl,” which remains one of Hall & Oates’ most-listened-to songs on Spotify.

On this day (Dec. 6) in 1977, just four months after Bigger Than Both Of Us’s release, Hall & Oates played a home state show at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pa., the first of a two-night residency. At the time, “Rich Girl” was their biggest hit, and Hall & Oates didn’t keep the crowd waiting for too long: This recording kicks off with a soundcheck, followed by “Don’t Change” and “Rich Girl.” After they croon out those first few words, the audience goes berserk. They get even louder as the chorus approaches, and we honestly can’t blame them—Hall & Oates’ classic about a spoiled girl and her overflowing moneybags is as catchy as they come.

You can listen to Hall & Oates’ 1977 concert below. Further down, watch John Oates’ Paste Studio performance from earlier this year.