Hatchie's New Single "Stay With Me" Is a Depressing Dance-Pop Dream

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Hatchie's New Single "Stay With Me" Is a Depressing Dance-Pop Dream

Australian singer-songwriter Harriet Pilbeam, otherwise known as Hatchie, continues to develop her expansive sonic palette on her latest track “Stay With Me,” the second single off her debut album Keepsake, out June 21 on Double Double Whammy.

The lead track from the record, “Without A Blush,” saw the usually effervescent dream-pop artist cross over into slightly darker territory. On “Stay With Me,” though, Hatchie dives head-first into melancholy dance-pop, sounding like a slightly more despondent Robyn as she laments, “I’ve come undone.” The music video, directed by Joe Agius, even feels like it could easily be slotted into the one for Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” as Hatchie dances under neon lights among strangers at a club. The yearning chorus of “Stay With Me,” punctuated with ethereal stabs of ‘90s synth, is delicious in its desperation and incredibly catchy. It’s a promising second look at the surprises Hatchie has in store on Keepsake.

Pilbeam explains in a statement:

“Stay With Me” was written as a writing exercise in an effort to step away from my usual style into something more fun and dancey. We originally wrote it with someone else in mind, but realized it was the perfect fit for my album as I wanted to expand into a different sound. It became one of my favourite songs on the record because I’m a sucker for crying-in-the-club tracks.

Watch the video for “Stay With Me” and Hatchie’s Paste Studio performance of songs from her EP Sugar & Spice below. See her tour dates and more details about Keepsake here.