Daily Dose: Hey Cowboy!, "Cherry Jerry Citrus"

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Daily Dose: Hey Cowboy!, "Cherry Jerry Citrus"

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Texas trio Hey Cowboy! shared the blissed-out track “Cherry Jerry Citrus” Friday, one of three songs on their newly released EP Sandy Cheeks.

Micah Vargas (bass and vocals), Sydney Harding-Sloan (synth and vocals) and Gaby Rodriguez (drums and vocals) paint a serene sonic landscape with gentle harmonies and soaring synths. The vocals—high, beautiful and clear—particularly stand out, elevating the song into the stratosphere. It feels like a tune made for catching rays on a sunny day, the aural equivalent of looking up at a near-cloudless sky and watching one thin cloud drift across the blue.

Despite their ten-gallon band name, there’s not a whiff of country or folk in the track, which lands more on the synth/dream-pop spectrum. The song is an ethereal follow-up to the band’s 2018 album The Soft Kind.

This EP is just a taste of what’s yet to come, Hey Cowboy! explain in a statement:

Sandy Cheeks is a sweet little EP we recorded in early February. Sandy is intended to be a preview to our next full-length album, which we are hoping to record and release within the year. The second track out of the three, “Cherry Jerry Citrus,” is a funky yet soft love song we wrote together about a year ago. It is meant to take the listener to a warm and fuzzy place all while dancing to a playful drumbeat, deep bass, and wide buoyant synth tones.

Listen to “Cherry Jerry Citrus” below and check out the entire Sandy Cheeks EP (named for a SpongeBob SquarePants character), recorded and mixed by Hen House Recording (Matt Gerhard) and mastered by Brad Bell, via Bandcamp here.

Howdy y’all! We are extremely excited to say our sweet little Sandy Cheeks EP is now here for your listening pleasures ?? 3 new songs streaming on all platforms (link in bio) big thanks to @henhouserecording for recording/mixing, Brad Bell for mastering, and @trailerparkhero for the lovely artwork

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