Hola Indio 9/30, Austin, Texas: Photos and Recap

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Hola Indio 9/30, Austin, Texas: Photos and Recap


Saturday was ushered in by a steady, gloomy downpour of rain that made you want to grab the Girl Scout cookies from the freezer and throw on the Snuggie you bought “just as a joke.” Fortunately, for those of us who like to dance, Saturday was ushered out by the steady kind of beats from Dani Shivers and DJ Orion that make you want to say “¡Olé!”

Saturday night was the third installment of Heineken’s Austin launch series, the Hola Indio Tour. Sold in Mexico since 1893, Indio beer has finally made its way to the States, and now officially into Austin. The heart of the tour embraces expression and the connection of different peoples. To that end, the night was a conglomeration of art, music, beer, and cultures mingling, dancing and enjoying a new taste of cerveza.

As part of the festivities, Dani Shivers took the stage, following the local band Feathers, to perform what’s been dubbed “Spook Pop.” Shrouded in black crepe, Shivers looked the part to welcome the spookiest month of the year. Tweeting earlier in the day she said, “Chicago got me sick yesterday, I hope my vocals arnt so messed up fr tonight [sic].” But her voice held out and brought the dancers right up to the front of the stage. DJ Orion kept the party going, letting loose some Latin hip hop and dance club favorites.

Amidst the dancing and performances, partygoers made sure to stop and admire the art hangings shown at the event. On display at each stop are two original art pieces, each created as part of the “Across the Border and Back” Collaboration. Artists from around the U.S. each collaborate with a Mexican artist to create an inspired piece of artwork. Yurex Omazkin and Edgar Orlaineta worked hand in hand with Ryan Travis Christian and Evan Gruzis to bring about the works on display last Saturday. The pieces served to symbolize the creativity and unity of two cultures that is the heart of the Hola Indio Tour.

These art pieces weren’t the only tangible expression of the evening. Brad Rocheleau, from Social Print Studio, worked on the real-time, multi-media project developed for the Hola Indio Tour. Rocheleau explained that the installation, “loads photos from Instagram in real-time, using the hashtag #HolaIndio, and is designed to engage the crowd in a fun new way.” Throughout the night, the images displayed would change and update, forming a cube of up-to-the-minute photos as they were posted from the event. Rocheleau went on to say, “The 3D cube design uses randomness to provide a unique experience each night, and uploading photos during the events allows those in attendance to contribute to the ‘Across the Border and Back’ cultural experience.”