A Day in the Life: Houndmouth

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A Day in the Life: Houndmouth

If you’re paying the least bit of attention to the festival scene this summer, you’ve got to be familiar with Houndmouth. With standout appearances at festivals from Newport Folk to Bonnaroo to Outside Lands this weekend, the band is keeping busy and winning fans with one rowdy rock performance after another.

But Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Ky. was more than just a festival appearance for Houndmouth, who played the festival last year and has longtime roots in Louisville and nearby New Albany, Ind. Paste photographer Julia Rickles shadowed the band as they hung out in the family home of drummer Shane Cody (affectionately dubbed The Greenhouse because, well, it’s painted green) and walked around New Albany, a town Jim James once dubbed “The Brooklyn of Louisville.” Eventually, the crew made it to their unforgettable late-night performance on the Belle of Louisville for a packed house of Forecastle fans that included onlooker Dan Auerbach, who left his own set to catch a bit of Houndmouth fever himself.

Check out Rickles’ photos in the gallery below, and be sure to catch Houndmouth at Outside Lands this weekend.