Hovvdy Share 2 New Songs, "Junior Day League" and "Around Again"

Plus videos for each True Love track

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Hovvdy Share 2 New Songs, "Junior Day League" and "Around Again"

This fall, Austin indie-rock duo Hovvdy are set to release their fourth album True Love, having already delivered the gorgeous title track. Centered around the desire to look at close relationships in a person’s life elementally and capture the feelings they arouse, the band have referred to True Love as a “return to form, writing and recording songs for ourselves and loved ones.” Today (Aug. 17), they’ve shared two new tracks from the forthcoming release, “Junior Day League” and “Around Again,” each beautiful and expansive songs with strong melodies built from sweeping guitars that continue to mark a clear maturation in the band’s sound.

Of the tracks, songwriter Will Taylor says:

“Around Again” lyrically shifts between big reflections and small memories. The simplicity of the music and words really helped define this song for me. I’m thankful to have had help from Charlie and Andrew expanding and finishing it.

“Junior Day League” is about being in a daze on a fast day in a new town. Falling enamored with the people you’re with and the setting you’re in. Letting things move around you, rather than trying to control them.

“Junior Day League” and “Around Again” arrive with music videos directed by Hayden Hubner and Adam Alonzo, respectively. Check them out below (along with Hovvdy’s 2018 Paste Studio session) before True Love is released Oct. 1 on Grand Jury Records.