How to Dress Well Previews Songs from New Album, Care

Music News How to Dress Well
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On Sunday, Tom Krell (a.k.a. How to Dress Well) tweeted out a link to his website that teased audio from his forthcoming album, Care.

The website features the flashing words “How to Dress Well” and “Care” layered atop a marbled background. When you move your cursor to the site’s corners, new pages appear and looped audio from Care plays. In the bottom right corner, a video of Krell illuminated by purple light plays. Other corners preview the lyrics from songs and give more information about the LP.

“‘Care’ is a truly joyous record—I hope that hearing it brings you pleasure above all else,” says the website when you hover over the bottom left corner.

Listen to the new teasers and find more information about the album on How to Dress Well’s website.