The 20 Best Musician Instagram Accounts of 2013

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A social medium that naturally lends itself to artful contribution, Instagram has become the perfect place for musicians to share snippets of their private lives alongside more artful encounters in the studio and on the street. Although there are thousands of musicians that are likely worth a follow, here are our favorite musician Instagram accounts for 2013. Don’t see your favorite? Let us know who we missed in the comments (or tell your favorite artists to start including more puppies or something).

20. Lucius – @ilovelucius

From goofy thrift store finds to airport selfies, following this up-and-coming band is a glimpse into life on the road with a silly (and outfit-coordinating) group of buds.

19. Rayland Baxter – @raylandishere

Baxter’s rustic views and regular vinyl posts offer a glimpse into his day-to-day life that makes for a perfect visual to his vivid lyrics.

18. Pearl Jam – @pearljamofficial

Between professional live shots, setlists and #TBT’s, Pearl Jam strikes an intimate balance with their account.

17. Diarrhea Planet – @diarrheaplanet

Don’t be fooled by the handle: this planet is mostly just filled with funny sketches, live shots and guitars. No diarrhea… yet.

16. Bethany Cosentino / Best Coast – @bscbscbsc

Bethany Cosentino’s Instagram account is exactly what you’d expect from the lo-fi rocker, a grainy collection of cats and kitsch.

15. Kacey Musgraves – @spaceykacey

The self-proclaimed makeup junkie ‘grams everything from short performance clips to 90s throwback pics, with lots of glitter, knick-knacks and behind-the-scenes pics in between.

14. Alana Haim – @babyhaim

The Haim sisters are having a pretty good time as they seemingly take over the world, one late-night TV show and cake pop at a time.

13. Foo Fighters – @foofighters

Live shots, guitar photos and the occasional Dave Grohl selfie make this a very rock star account indeed.

12. Alexis Krauss (Sleigh Bells) – @kraussingaround

As I imagine much of Krauss’ life might entail, her Instagram is equal parts offhand art, back-stage nonsense and performance baddasserie. Fans of Sleigh Bells’ live show, take note: She regrams performance photos, too.

11. Drake – @champagnepapi

Because Baby Drake is pretty adorable, and the man’s lyrics are all hashtags waiting to happen. #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #YOLO

10. CHVRCHES – @chvrches

Between lyrics sheets and sold-out shows, it’s fascinating to watch this Glasgow band as they take in their rise to the top.

9. Lorde – @lordemusic

The young artist posts snapshot from her whirlwind launch into the spotlight with sarcastic captions that offer a grain of salt.

8. Janelle Monae – @janellemonae

As a musician who blends art into each and every performance, it’s a no-brainer that Janelle Monae would find a way to showcase her taste through photos, too.

7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – @yeahyeahyeahs

Because this is the closest you’ll ever get to seeing what Karen O is up to, all the time. And isn’t that what everyone wants?

6. Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) – @edroste

Droste says right in his bio that he loves travel almost as much as he loves music, and anyone who feels the same will enjoy these old and new photos of exotic locales and big shows.

5. Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) – @blobtower

Justin Vernon’s got a cast of collaborators that range from Kanye to Sharon Van Etten, and
his photos are equally as difficult to peg (and equally as entertaining).

4. Dr. Dog – @drdogmusic

This is a must-follow, for the every day absurdity and the insights into touring life.

3. Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes) – @alberthammondjr

Setlists. Live shots. Debauchery. Puppies. Keep the Insta-gold coming.

2. Ezra Koenig – @arze

You may not ever know what’s coming up next from Vampire Weekend, and the same goes for its lead singer. Below, find a “bagel head selfie” and a picture from the “eternal captial of snake guys.”

1. Questlove – @questlove

The leader of the legendary Roots crew is one of the best musicians on any social media platform. On his Instagram, he shows behind-the-scenes shots of his high-profile DJ gigs and his daytime job at Late Night. —Patrick Filbin