It Was All a Nightmare: Biggie Smalls Hologram Hopefully Not Becoming a Thing

Music News
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“Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can’t you see / Those hologram things are so creepy.” The immortal hook to the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” says it all. Yet, as Entertainment Weekly reports, Hologram USA, the company behind holograms of artists such as Tupac Shakur and Whitney Houston, is currently working on its spooky light-specter as we speak.

The news came when Biggie Smalls’ widow, R&B star Faith Evans, told Dame Dash Radio Show, “We actually are in development with a hologram, but I don’t necessarily know to what extent I’m gonna perform with it. But I want to debut it in the first video for the album, and maybe use it a little bit performing live.”

Please, think of the children.