Watch the Mountain Dew-Fueled Video for "Blast Damage Days" by Jeff Rosenstock

Music Video Jeff Rosenstock
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Jeff Rosenstock’s third solo album Worry. came out in October, and now he’s made a music video to accompany the song “Blast Damage Days.”

Described as an “anti-advertising epic,” the Clay Tatum-directed video shows Rosenstock and his relationship with “DEW MAN,” played by Rosenstock’s Antarctigo Vespucci bandmate Chris Farren. The Dew insists on spreading its product to Rosenstock and his bandmates, even while bleeding out from a stab wound, all while Rosenstock sings about our “era of hate and military police.”

You can watch the video above, and listen to Rosenstock’s 2015 Daytrotter session via the Paste Cloud below.