Album Stream: Jill Andrews - The War Inside

Music Audio Jill Andrews
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Honest music and artistry has a way of penetrating the listener’s emotions without any forceful push. Jill Andrews’ album The War Inside is triumphant and genuine in a way that only music can be. Rather than taking a woe-is-me tone, Andrews talks about her obstacles by revealing the process from problem to progress and empowering listeners.

The War Inside touches on the daily struggles of being pushed and pulled in many directions and trying to find the best version of me within it all,” Andrews said of the record. “It was a time filled with many new and exciting beginnings, as well as some deep personal loss. The album focuses in on some particular moments of triumph, hardship, and hope.”

Andrews is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who has roots in Americana and folk. The War Inside appeals more to the world of indie pop than her previous work but retains the honesty and candor of folk. Her previous band The Everybodyfields performed at Bonnaroo and toured with The Avett Brothers, and longtime friend Seth Avett appears on the album in the duet “I’m so in Love with You.” Tracks like “Free” and “Here Now” make a nod to her country and folk past, but the album as a whole sounds new and displays newer influences.

“When I set out to make this album,” Andrews explains, “I wanted it to feel like me — but me moving, me progressing. I wanted to stretch my legs a bit. My producer, Will Sayles, and I spent a lot of time in the studio experimenting with different sounds and different feels to really bring the songs to life.”

The War Inside varies from sweet and solemn to strong and undefeated, telling her story while resonating with listeners’ own turmoils. It’s nearly impossible to not nod along to Andrews’ ballads, feeling oddly close to her and to yourself. Whether you’re going through a breakup, moving to a new place, experiencing an existential crisis, or dealing with loss, The War Inside will provide the soundtrack to your own journey in a highly personal and honest way.

Stream The War Inside in its entirety in the player above. The album is set for release on Sept. 25 via Vulture.