Johnny Marr Shares Video For New Song "Easy Money"

Music Video Johnny Marr
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Johnny Marr has shared the music video for his new song “Easy Money.” The first taste of his forthcoming solo album Playland, the song is catchy and upbeat, all while discussing a larger problem in society: greed.

Directed by of Montreal’s art director David Barnes, it’s no surprise that the video is as bright and fun as the song itself. It features the former Smiths guitarist indulging in easy amusement. He wanders through a flashy casino, trades in some goods at a pawn shop, hits up the arcade and gets his fortune read. Oh, and he waves around stacks of cash in front of an amusement park. You get the point.

All the while, he’s playing the song in an almost empty pub. Marr pointed out to Pitchfork that the video is “a ‘high times in low rent England’ kind of thing” whereas the song ”’Easy Money’ is more of a ‘low times in high rent England’ kind of thing.”

The followup to his 2013’s solo debut The Messenger, Playland will be released Oct. 6 in the U.K., and everywhere Oct. 7 via Warner Music Group. You can watch the video above.