Jonny Greenwood Shares Sheet Music for Phantom Thread Score

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Jonny Greenwood Shares Sheet Music for <i>Phantom Thread</i> Score

Jonny Greenwood is quite the renaissance man when it comes to music. The multi-instrumentalist plays the keys and guitar for Radiohead, but when he’s not in the studio or touring with the band, he’s able to shift gears and take on a more polished, orchestral approach to songwriting as a score composer for film—his most recent project being Paul Thomas Anderson’s forthcoming fashion drama Phantom Thread.

The trailer for the film features a sneak-listen of one of Greenwood’s pieces, and today, he shared the full song—kind of. He tweeted the sheet music for the title theme, so those who are (or know) a pianist and violinist will be able to recreate it in its entirety. Everyone else will just have to wait until the film comes out on Christmas, unless Greenwood finds it in his heart to reveal more.

Hear pieces of Greenwood’s score in the trailer for Phantom Thread below, and see his tweets sharing the sheet music for the song underneath.