Watch Julia Jacklin's Pensive New Video for "Don't Let The Kids Win"

Music Video Julia Jacklin
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Julia Jacklin’s album closer and title track “Don’t Let The Kids Win” is a reflection on aging. She lists nuggets of wisdom she’s learned, all of which converge around the refrain: “I’ve got a feeling that this won’t ever change / We’re gonna keep on getting older, it’s gonna keep on feeling strange.”

Her new video embodies that pensiveness. Most of the footage depicts her alone and meditative: wandering, lying in a bed, or examining her reflection in a mirror and on Photobooth. She’s often dwarfed within a larger background; these shots in particular evoke the feeling of realizing one’s mortality and insignificance.

Some of her family members also make cameos. “It was a pretty nice way to spend one of my days off from tour,” Jacklin said in a statement. “We just ate snacks and made them look into the camera occasionally.” In the video, she plays games with her step-siblings (presumably, she lets them lose) and dances with her partner. The wistful electric guitar lends even these joyful scenes a bittersweet feel.

Jacklin has also announced that she will tour North America in early 2017, so stay tuned for dates coming soon. Watch “Don’t Let The Kids Win” above.