Lana Del Rey, Chris Evans Slam Kanye West for his Support of Trump

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Lana Del Rey, Chris Evans Slam Kanye West for his Support of Trump

Kanye West’s MAGA hat-wearing heel turn reached even stranger heights this weekend, as he used the buzz around his lackluster SNL performance to make the case for supporting President Trump by … suggesting we get rid of the 13th Amendment?

With these latest antics, plenty of long-time Kanye fans have had it with his long-exhausting, now-completely unbearable behavior, and it looks like Chris Evans and Lana Del Rey aren’t holding back anymore, either.

Captain America star Evans took to Twitter on Sunday, blasting Kanye’s uninformed, ahistorical support of Trump, much of which has made fans draw parallels between Kanye’s behavior and that of the president himself.

Some artists close to Kanye also made their best efforts to reach out to him about his support of Trump, although at this point, it looks like he’s in too deep to change his mind on such matters.

Del Rey, who performed at West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian in 2014, explicitly made the Kanye-Trump comparison in a comment on West’s Instagram.

Del Rey calls West out on his Trumpian “delusions of grandeur, extreme issues with narcissismnone of which would be a talking point if we weren’t speaking about the man leading our country.”

Despite her concern, Del Rey acknowledges that it’s a “message sent with concern that will never be addressed.”

Swizz Beatz, one of West’s former collaborators, turned to music in order to voice his frustrations, posting a song on Instagram that simply goes, “Fuck the MAGA hat.”

FUCK THE MAGA HAT @kanyewest #kanyewest ?????????????????????? #Fuckthemagahat we must face our POISON in order to POISE ON! Enough is enough Blessings #poison NO CAP

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Trump himself, though, showed his support for friend Kanye regarding his performance on SNL, a failing, low-rated program that Trump by no means watches or cares about.

Kanye’s unwavering support of Trump might be what finally does it for fans who’ve long had to put up with his insufferable behavior. Yandhi, the album that was supposedly coming after his SNL performance, the one that was supposed to finally make things right, also didn’t come out as promised, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if fans have given up waiting for it.