Kanye West's The Life of Pablo Now Available on Spotify, Apple Music

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After adamantly proclaiming that music from his new album The Life of Pablo would never see the light of day on another streaming music site, it seems Kanye West has gone back on his passionate promise.

Back in February, the rap artist tweeted that no other site would have listening or purchase access to his new slate of music outside of a certain artist-oriented streaming site.

However, today over Twitter, Mr. West shared news of the album's wider release.

Indeed, The Life of Pablo is now available for purchase and streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. It’s also available for purchase on West’s website.

The move is likely a response to how little payoff West was seeing for keeping the album as a Tidal exclusive. It makes sense numbers-wise, at least, considering that Tidal’s subscription base is reportedly sitting at just 3 million—up from the 500,000 reported last year—while Spotify, for example, caters to a whopping 30 million paying subscribers. And West is likely hoping that streaming his album will stem its historically high tide of illegal downloads.

Limiting access to The Life of Pablo was an effort to put more support behind Tidal, which had a lot of hype surrounding its launch, but has had more than a few hiccups with music releases since then. It’s the thought that counts, though, right?