Watch Keaton Henson Battle Anxiety in New Video, "Alright"

Music Video Keaton Henson
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Karaoke bars are not for the faint of heart. The floors are sticky with spilled PBR, and sometimes only a swig of liquid courage can get you up into the spotlight.

But, for Keaton Henson, a karaoke bar is a symbol of his crippling anxiety. In the new video for “Alright,” the English singer-songwriter is seen quivering through the beautifully delicate track. As the camera moves farther down, Henson is wounded and bleeding, a visual metaphor for how public appearances take their toll on him. The camera continues to pan around to reveal that the bar is actually deserted, and no one is there to hear his wavering voice. The brilliant video is a striking portrayal of Henson’s internal battle between sharing his music and his debilitating nerves.

“Alright” comes off Henson’s forthcoming album Kindly Now, out Sept. 16.

Watch the arresting and poignant video above.