Watch the Emotional Trailer for Kesha's Rainbow Documentary

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Watch the Emotional Trailer for Kesha's <i>Rainbow</i> Documentary

Kesha has been fighting the long fight to get her voice back. She rose to stardom as a pop party girl with the release of her 2010 album Animal and its stand-out hit “Tik Tok.” Now, she’s been using her voice to speak out against producer Dr. Luke and what she’s described as his abusive behavior. The release of Rainbow last year marked the singer’s first taste of freedom from the lengthy legal battles that had barred her from putting out new music.

Monday, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of that album, she shared the first trailer for Rainbow – The Film. The behind-the-scenes documentary is directed by Kesha alongside her brother Lagan Sebert and Kevin Hayden. The film is set to be released on Aug. 10 via Apple Music.

The minute-long trailer is a montage of different performances and anxiety-inducing images; the “psychedelic vignettes” are used to convey the singer’s struggles in overcoming. Rainbow is intended to be an empowering look at Kesha’s healing process.

She detailed the broader themes and the inspiration behind the documentary in a statement:

Making Rainbow the album was such a therapeutic process and given the opportunity to turn it into a three-dimensional piece of art has helped me find even deeper healing and catharsis. I hope this film inspires others to never give up even if you feel full of hurt or lost, because after the storm comes a rainbow. Depression, anxiety and mental illness are things we all need to talk about more, and there is no shame in asking for help. Making the decision to work on yourself is the bravest thing you can do. I hope this film helps bring light and love to everyone.

Watch the trailer for Rainbow – The Film below.