Watch Kevin Morby's Lo-fi Video for New Track "Aboard My Train"

Music Video Kevin Morby
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Former Woods bassist and The Babies frontman Kevin Morby has shared his self-directed music video for the new song “Aboard My Train”—watch above.

In the low-tech video, we see Morby painting on two mirrors categorized as “places” and “faces.” The song is a reflection on the people and places that come and go in Morby’s life, as evidenced by the lyric, “I have loved many faces, many places / all aboard my train but depart at different stations.” It’s not a sad song; rather, it’s an appreciation of the people who make you who you are.

“Doing what I do, people are constantly coming in and out of your life,” said Morby in a statement. “The moment you think you’ll never see someone again, they reappear and that’s what this song is about starting with my first best friend, Pablo, who lived on my street in Tulsa, and was my first memory of having a best friend.” As for the video itself, it seems extremely low-budget—which is kind of the point. “I wanted to make a video at home, something sort of lo-fi,” Morby explained. “I kind of missed the challenge of having to come up with something creative with little to no money.”

“Aboard My Train” is the new single off Morby’s forthcoming album City Music, out June 16 via Dead Oceans—you can preorder it here. You can listen to the album’s first single “Come To Me Now” and check out his remaining tour dates here. Also, don’t miss Paste’s 2013 write-up on Morby as The Best Of What’s Next.