Kid Rock: "F*ck No, I'm Not Running for Senate. Are You Kidding Me?"

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Kid Rock: "F*ck No, I'm Not Running for Senate. Are You Kidding Me?"

Hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.

OK, we’ll admit it: We at Paste were actually a little uncertain as to whether Kid Rock was actually going to run for U.S. Senate as a Republican in his home state of Michigan, something he’d been threatening to do for months. It all began a couple months ago with some T-shirts and bumper stickers, and gathered steam as Rock repeatedly chastised anyone who suggested that he wasn’t really going to run.

Last we heard, he assured his fans that he would run by way of a particularly bold statement. This morning on The Howard Stern Show, however, Rock finally copped to his intentions, admitting that his political aspirations were really a marketing ploy to promote his forthcoming album, Sweet Southern Sugar, per The Detroit Free Press.

“Fuck no, I’m not running for senate. Are you kidding me?” he told Stern. “Who couldn’t figure that out? I’m releasing a new album. I’m going on tour, too. Are you fucking shitting me?”

In the profanity-laced interview with Stern, Kid Rock said that teasing a Senate run was “the worst advice that I ever gave myself, but it’s been the most creative thing I’ve ever done, and I got to see everybody’s true colors.” Now that we’ve seen his true colors, we can officially wipe the sweat from our brow on behalf of the state of Michigan.