King Princess Shares Alluring, Metaphorical "Prophet" Video

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King Princess Shares Alluring, Metaphorical "Prophet" Video

King Princess shared a sultry music video for “Prophet,” filled with lustful gazes, rosy-red lighting and symbolism on Wednesday.

She previously released “Prophet” as a single last month, garnering many streams, and making waves in indie and LGBTQ communities for her lovestruck lyricism and themes related to her genderqueer identity.

The video opens with King Princess, aka Mikaela Straus, singing and dancing in a football uniform, twirling around with a bouquet of roses in her hands. A cheerleader is seen filming her, then the scene transitions to a King Princess performance in a nightclub/restaurant, where the same cheerleader is now a waitress watching her perform.

The “Prophet” video shows the indie singer repeat the chorus, ”’Cause I can only think about you, what it’s like to walk around you,” alone under red lighting, at a construction site and on a table as older men and her love interest dine, and her body resembles a cake. As King Princess explains in a tweet, “it’s a metaphor.”

The Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter will release her debut album Cheap Queen this fall via Zelig/Columbia Records.

King Princess will embark on an extensive North American tour this fall and winter of 2020 to support Cheap Queen. Before her tour kicks off in October, she will also play sets at Las Vegas’s Life is Beautiful Festival next month and the Austin City Limits Festival in October.

Watch the alluring video for “Prophet” (dir. Cody Critcheloe/SSION) below.