Kurt Vile Returns with "Pretty Pimpin'" from Forthcoming LP B'lieve I'm Going Down...

Music Video Kurt Vile
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Kurt Vile has announced his forthcoming LP, b’lieve i’m going down following his dreamy 2013 recording Walkin On A Pretty Daze.

In the song and video for “Pretty Pimpin’,” the album’s lead track, Kurt revels “I woke up this morning, did’t recognize the man in the mirror,” through his mellow slacker drones. Vile becomes displaced by his own recognition in the mirror, and after a bit of self-reconciliation, he pulls himself back into his head space, and offers up a compliment: saying he looks “pretty pimpin’” at a level of legit cool.

What’s also cool: Vile’s album is out Sept. 25 on Matador. Check out the video for “Pretty Pimpin’” above.

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