Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her Personal Struggles in Netflix's New Gaga: Five Foot Two Trailer

Music Video Lady Gaga
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Ever since Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta rose to fame as Lady Gaga, her music and outrageous public persona have generated a polarizing reception. Little did everyone know, she’s spent a lot of her life battling her own personal demons, and soon, she’ll be giving Netflix subscribers a little insight into her private life via a documentary.

In the newest trailer for Gaga: Five Foot Two, coming out on the streaming service this Friday, Sept. 22, Lady Gaga narrates how loneliness has pervaded her life as a star. It also shows scenes of her struggling with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, as well as a snippet of an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in which she lists a handful of issues she has been grappling with: “paranoia, fear, body pain, anxiety.”

The documentary covers an eight-month period leading up to release of Lady Gaga’s most recent album Joanne, compiling interviews, clips from live performances and behind-the-scenes shots from director Chris Moukarbel as he follows the singer to create an inspiring personal portrait. Watch the new trailer for Gaga: Five Foot Two above, and see the film’s key art below.

Gaga Five Foot Two Key Art.jpg