Watch Lady Lamb Play Songs from Even in the Tremor in the Paste Studio

Music Features Lady Lamb
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Watch Lady Lamb Play Songs from <i>Even in the Tremor</i> in the <i>Paste</i> Studio

Lady Lamb (the New Hampshire-born, Brooklyn-based Aly Spaltro) stopped by the Paste Studio in Atlanta on Wednesday following a show with New Pornographers on Tuesday night. Spaltro and her band are currently touring behind the fourth Lady Lamb LP, Even in the Tremor, which arrived in April on Ba Da Bing Records. Watch the session below.

Spaltro performed three songs from the record: “Little Flaws,” “Deep Love” and the title track. She has a very affecting voice that fills the whole room, especially when belting loud but introspective lyrics like “The future kills the present if I let it,” which she repeats during the powerful title track. The album is thoughtful yet concise, packed with restless indie rock songs that occasionally toy with synths and soul.

Playing alongside Spaltro were bassist Jeni Magana, drummer Derek Gierhan and keyboardist Katie Von Schleicher, who Paste named The Best of What’s Next in 2017.

Again, you can watch Lady Lamb’s new Paste Studio session below. Further down, check out her performance of “Salt” in the NYC outpost in 2017.