Watch Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd Sing Atop the Hollywood Sign in "Lust for Life" Video

Music Video Lana Del Rey
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After two videos and three songs released, Lana Del Rey has us on edge waiting for her new album Lust for Life. There are only a sparse few details of the album floating around, but we do know The Weeknd, who features on the title track, and Stevie Nicks will both appear on the album.

The official video for the title track, featuring every millennials’ favorite aestheticist, Del Rey, and Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) was released this morning, May 22.

The video, on grainy Super 8 film (because what else would Del Rey ever use?), shows the singer whimsically singing in an Old Hollywood studio before running away to sway atop the Hollywood sign with Tesfaye where they overlook the city. The stars hop across the sign together before landing in a bed of flowers as the camera zooms out into space, contextualizing the two’s lives among actual stars.

The music video continues the mix of Old Hollywood nostalgia and intergalactic themes of Del Rey’s teaser for the album and music video for another previously released single from the album, Love.