Lightning Bug Share Video for New Single "September Song, pt. ii"

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Lightning Bug Share Video for New Single "September Song, pt. ii"

Lightning Bug, the indie-rock project of Audrey Kang, Kevin Copeland, Logan Miley, Dane Hagen and Vincent Puleo, have shared another new single from their forthcoming third album. “September Song, pt. ii” and its video arrived Wednesday ahead of A Color of the Sky’s release on June 25, the band’s first on their new label, Fat Possum.

“September Song, pt. ii” begins as hushed and gentle as a breeze through the trees, pairing Kang’s breathy vocals with bright guitar plucks and sparse percussion. The song’s lyrics interweave human connection with natural wonder, lending the simple passing of hours and changing of seasons an evocative power that borders on the hallucinatory. “The colors burn stronger and the feelings burn true / And even the flowers smell more like you,” Kang sings, vibrating with passion for all things living. The songwriter also stars in the track’s meditative video alongside writer, choreographer and director Sarah Bolander—shot on a small island off the coast of Maine, the clip leans into the song’s same sense of earthly inspiration, setting Kang and Bolander’s synchronized movements against the backdrop of an expansive, untouched world that seems hardly our own.

Kang describes the song’s journey from her mind to our ears in a statement:

In summer of 2018 I spent about a month camping alone on this cliff on a small island in the Baltic Sea. There where I was in the north off the coast of Stockholm, the sun was setting insanely late, like at 11 p.m. and it took hours longer than normal. So I’d watch it disappear, this glowing orb sink into the sea every night to the point where I felt kind of insane, like I was hallucinating … and I started reliving memories but they felt like they were right before me and then I felt confused, was I reliving memories, or seeing into the future? I kept thinking to myself, each end is a beginning, each end is a beginning. So this surreal experience with time lay dormant in me, and then an entire year later, I was camping in the PNW, also on the shore, and I watched the sun sink into the sea, and suddenly those sunsets from Sweden rippled through me again very vividly. And when I came back to New York, I wrote this song.

“September Song, pt. ii” follows lead A Color of the Sky single “The Right Thing Is Hard to Do,” which we praised as one of March’s best tracks. (It also follows the band’s first “September Song,” off their 2019 album October Song.)

Watch the “September Song, pt. ii” video below and revisit the details of A Color of the Sky right here. You can preorder the album here.