Lily & Madeleine: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Lily & Madeleine
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Lily & Madeleine follow a long tradition of musical acts that share a bloodline. The duo is made up of sisters Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz, melding harmonies in that special way only simpatico siblings can (see: the Wilsons, Everlys).

The Indiana-based sisters have released two albums on Asthmatic Kitty Records – best known as the home of co-founder Sufjan Stevens – and have a new release on the way titled Keep It Together. The album is out February 26 on New West Records and brings back producer and mentor Paul Mahern.

Past offerings from the Jurkiewicz sisters have had a definite folk influence, but if their newest single, “Hotel Pool,” is any indication of the upcoming album’s sound, audiences will be treated to a poppier, polished vibe sure to grow Lily & Madeleine’s fan base and possibly even generate a radio hit.

The Jurkiewicz sisters stopped by the Paste Studio recently for a performance of their tracks “Westfield,” “Chicago” and “Nothing.” Watch here.