Listen to a New Song from the Gregg Turkington Movie Entertainment

Music Video
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This November, Rick Alverson is releasing Entertainment, a film about a wayward traveling comedian. Gregg Turkington, best known as his alter-ego Neil Hamburger, stars as a washed-up comedian (a separate character from Hamburger) who is in the midst of touring the California desert—a sort of vision-quest of dark comedy. Turkington is joined by an impressive supporting cast of Tye Sheridan, John C. Reilly, Michael Cera and Amy Seimetz.

Alverson, Turkington and Secretly Group’s Chris Swanson oversaw the production of the soundtrack. It contains comedy segments from the film as well as songs from a medley of somber alter egos. The song here is Leah Devorah’s post-9/11 cry for peace, “Animals in the Zoo.” In this clip we see Turkington’s comedian literally travel out to the desert, lost in the bleak wasteland, set to the melancholy notes of Devorah’s song.

Entertainment and the soundtrack are out Nov. 13. The soundtrack will have a limited release of 1000 vinyl copies.

Entertainment Tracklist:

Side 1

1. Entertainment “Everybody’s Alright”
2. Pompeo Stillo & the Companions “He Was a Guitar Player and Now Plays Machinegun in Vietnam”
3. Bill Moss “Number One”
4. Entertainment “A Professional Loser”
5. Extensions “This Love Of Mine”
6. Entertainment “It’s Been a Long, Long Day”
7. Leah Devorah “Animals In The Zoo”
8. Entertainment “Cousin John Sings Christmas”

Side 2

1. Entertainment “Sweet Dreams”
2. Frank Sinatra Jr. “Black Night”
3. Entertainment “Yellow Rims”
4. Insight Out “It Makes You Feel So Bad”
5. Nun-Plus “Los Angeles”
6. Entertainment “Should I Be Concerned?”
7. Bob Desper “It’s Too Late”
8. Entertainment Choir “Ave Maria (Daughter Of My Dreams)”