Live at Paste Studio - Amanda Palmer

Music Audio Live at Paste Studio
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The longest Paste Studio session on record happened on March 8, 2019, when Amanda Palmer held court at the piano for more than two hours (two hours and 11 minutes, to be exact). The singer/songwriter started out her session like any other, with banter and introductions. "Maybe I should just do a bunch of Ryan Adams covers for International Women's Day," she joked. But then she turned serious before starting the set: "But it is international women's day and I did not pick this day randomly." What happened next is the stuff of Paste legends—Palmer played six songs, including the 10-minute-long ballad "The Ride." She answered interview questions about her music, politics and even her album cover, which shows her entirely naked. Her new record, There Will Be No Intermission, is out now.

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