Live at Paste Studio - Liz Cooper & The Stampede

Music Audio Live at Paste Studio
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There are a lot of bands trying to make it in Nashville. But only every so often does one show some real personality and singularity. Liz Cooper and her band the Stampede are one such entity, and while that means they're befallen to the music media's need to classify a cool new sound, these guys are ones to watch. However, rather than dodge the subgenres that have been stamped onto them by others, Liz Cooper & the Stampede are embracing the labels. "Dream-folk psychedelic rock is what we've heard on the streets and we dig what the people think," Cooper writes. The band corralled in the Paste Studio on Dec.13, and they treated live-streamers to three songs from their 2018 album Window Flowers: "Outer Space," "Motions" and "Mountain Man." The "psychedelic" label is absolutely applicable to Cooper's music—"Outer Space" is a bluesy, hallucinogen-induced trip, an "escape" from "reality" to "Outer Space," while "Moutain Man" and "Motions" are more of a sonic escape—throughout the set, Cooper and co. break out into Dead-level jam sessions while simultaneously serving up some major grooves, making for a fun stash of tunes you can either dance to or space out to.

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