Live at Paste Studio - Ron Gallo

Music Audio Live at Paste Studio
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Stardust Birthday Party, Ron Gallo's second full-length album, showcases the singer-songwriter's idiosyncratic synthesis of garage rock, '70s punk and psych-pop. His lyrics are steeped in cosmic reflections of evolution and the broader human condition while his music is an amped-up bag of rock 'n' roll tricks. It's full of transcendent, joyful power trips and dark deconstructions of himself—both of which help to ease the current state of affairs. Gallo and his band stopped by the Paste Studio and performed four tracks from the album—"Always Elsewhere," "It's All Gonna Be OK," "Happy Deathday," and "Love Supreme (Work Together!)." For the last song of the set, he played an original ode to John Coltrane, who Gallo called "the epitome of artistry."

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