Live at Paste Studio - Sinkane

Music Audio Live at Paste Studio
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Bringing in influences from frontman Ahmed Gallab's Sudanese upbringing, Sinkane's latest album is a mix of psychedelic rock with the theme of understanding cultural duality. The band's members are from all over the world, but, still, a "collective experience as children of the diaspora helped bring the music to life in the most honest way possible," Gallab says. Following up their 2017 acclaimed album Life & Livin' It, Dépaysé is high-energy, raw and also finds Gallab singing in Arabic for the first time. Gallab and the band as a whole seem to be pushing their creative boundaries, and it's definitely paying off. The five-piece band visited the Paste Studio last month to play two songs from Dépaysé , "Mango" and "Ya Sudan," plus "Young Trouble" and "How We Be" from 2014's Mean Love.

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