A Day in the Life: Lydia Loveless

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A Day in the Life: Lydia Loveless

Up-and-comer Lydia Loveless is, well, a country singer. She may not look like one, or act like one, or play to crowds that expect one, but that’s the best way to describe her latest album, Somewhere Else.. She may not sound like the country on the radio today, but go back in time to Lucinda Williams or The Judds or Loretta Lynn: you’ll find her musical ancestry. People may throw an “alt” in front of her genre, but that probably says more about her audience than her sound.

We caught up with Loveless and her band, including husband and bass player Ben Lamb and co-songwriter and guitarist Todd May, in Silver Lake, Calif. at The Satellite for a well-attended and lengthy show last Friday night. Along with Nick German and Jay Gasper rounding out the band, we caught the musicians hanging out before their gig and delivering a fiery set. Check out the gallery by clicking above.