Daily Dose: Maltman Fair featuring Sosie Bacon, "Mellow My Mind"

The first track from a new collaboration between a garage rocker and young Hollywood royalty.

Music Features Maltman Fair
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Daily Dose: Maltman Fair featuring Sosie Bacon, "Mellow My Mind"

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If Hollywood meet-cutes are any indication, Los Angeles has a habit of bringing together the unlikeliest of pairs. In reality, that’s what happened when friends, and now collaborators, Michael Fiore and Sosie Bacon met at L.A. venue The Satellite.

“We decided to do this project after we met at The Satellite and Sosie wrongly thought I was a ‘nice boy from New York,’” Fiore says.

Fiore, who plays in L.A. garage rock trio Criminal Hygiene, also records music as Maltman Fair. Bacon, the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, is an actress who stars in the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why (which returns for its second season May 18). Together, they recorded “Mellow My Mind,” a chill-yet-soaring synth duet that opens with Bacon’s ethereal croons.

“Michael used no guitars in ‘Mellow My Mind’ which I think is pretty groovy,” says Bacon. Though Fiore recorded the track with just bass and synth, it has a dense, enveloping feel.

Bacon isn’t sure where their collaboration might lead next, but she knows where she’d like to end up: “Visalia, Calif.” “It’s the best place for upcoming acts who don’t feel like being in Fresno,” explains Fiore.

Check out “Mellow My Mind” right here, and also revisit Bacon’s dad’s visit to the Paste studio with The Bacon Brothers from 2016 right here.