Marlon Williams: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video marlon Williams
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New Zealand native Marlon Williams played a few songs for us in our studio off of his brand new self-titled debut. The 25-year-old is an eclectic mix of country, blue-grass and occasionally what could have had radio play in the ‘60s doo-wop era. With a deep voice that could be mistaken for a young David Byrne, Williams has a timeless quality.

His new self-titled album was released in February. He told us last month in our “The Best of What’s Next; segment that for his solo album he used country music as his baseline.

“The simplicity of country music was the backbone of what I wanted to do,” he told us. “I played around for a while and then went into the studio and started trying to expand on some of those simple ideas.”

Williams is currently on a world tour, but will be back in the United States for South by Southwest this month and then in May for a full American tour.