Akron/Family Share Heartfelt Remembrance of Miles Seaton

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Akron/Family Share Heartfelt Remembrance of Miles Seaton

Akron/Family have shared a memorial in remembrance of bandmate Miles Seaton, who passed away on Feb. 17 at the age of 41. The memorial is hosted on the website of their label, Dead Oceans, and includes statements from members of Akron/Family along with Seaton’s widow, Leanne Pedante.

The statements gathered have revealed Seaton’s cause of death: a single-car accident following safety concerns with his truck as he drove to see his wife in California. Pedante said in her piece:

That he loved so many, so deeply; that he had overcome so much in life and was still so full of generosity and joy; that he was so thrilled to be embarking on a new phase of his life; that he so loved the old truck whose wheels came off and killed him … it’s impossible to choose which is the most horrific part of this tragedy.

A few weeks ago, he wrote to me, “It’s not a destination. It’s a process, a dance. And it’s so beautiful. We’re in it, have been in it, will be in it, and I’m reveling in all the texture and nuance and harmony of our unique song.” This was how he existed: wholly inside-of and in-celebration-of the complex, rich, love-fueled, temporary experience of being human.

The collection of memories on the web page also includes old photos of Akron/Family, a curation of songs and live performances from the band, and anecdotes from Seaton’s loved ones spanning from amusing to heart-wrenching.

Read through the full memorial here. You can revisit Seaton’s music with Akron/Family’s 2008 Daytrotter session below.