Minor Moon Announces Third Album Tethers, Shares Uplifting Lead Single "No Lightning Fix"

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Minor Moon Announces Third Album <i>Tethers</i>, Shares Uplifting Lead Single "No Lightning Fix"

Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Sam Cantor has announced the third full-length from his cosmic Americana project Minor Moon, Tethers, due out March 26 via Ruination Record Co. and Whatever’s Clever. Lead single “No Lightning Fix,” which features a pair of Cantor’s Windy City peers in V.V. Lightbody and Ohmme’s Macie Stewart, arrived Tuesday alongside the album’s announcement.

Cantor drew inspiration for Tethers’ 10 tracks from an intense period of personal discovery that began with him being thrown for a loop by the end of a long-term relationship. He sought solace in regular therapy, as well as the advice of his family and friends, and used his music as an outlet for the powerful feelings entangled with his experiences. “Minor Moon songs have always had this arc of discovery and I’ve always used them as a way to dive into really personal, philosophical, or emotional problems,” says Cantor. “It’s about finding some truth looking inward.”

A press release describes “No Lightning Fix” as “a thesis statement for Tethers, [in which] the song’s narrator finds himself lost in a spiritual purgatory with no obvious way out”—no sharp edge with which to slice his Gordian Knot. Over acoustic guitar and organ hum, Cantor and Lightbody combine voices to lovely effect, with pedal steel and piano lending the song a twangy timelessness. It’s only after Cantor’s narrator accepts his lack of an easy answer that “No Lightning Fix” breaks free, moving with the joyous weightlessness of an unburdened heart and mind. The song eventually descends into serene oblivion, with Stewart’s violin leading the strings that take us out.

Listen to “No Lightning Fix” below and find the details of Tethers further down.

Tethers Album Art:


Tethers Tracklist:
01. The Ground
02. No Lightning Fix
03. Under An Ocean of Holes
04. Hey, Dark Ones
05. Obvious Blessing
06. So Quiet
07. Was There Anything Else
08. The First Time You Left Home
09. Beyond The Light
10. In The Long Year