Moaning Release New Single "Ego," from Forthcoming Album Uneasy Laughter

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Moaning Release New Single "Ego," from Forthcoming Album <i>Uneasy Laughter</i>

Los Angeles rock group Moaning return with a new sound in their single “Ego,” from their forthcoming album Uneasy Laughter, scheduled for release March 20 via Sub Pop. Sean Solomon (vocalist/guitarist), Pascal Stevenson (bassist/keyboardist) and Andrew Mckelvie (drummer) present the first musical project since their self-titled release in 2018, and are bringing a positive message to accompany their new musical approach. The group is always busy with artistic pursuits outside of music, and their diversity of focus is apparent in this quality transition between aesthetics.

“Ego” leads the new album, setting a fast pace framed by high-pitch synth noises that ground us through rapidly shifting perspectives. The opening lyrics set a transparent tone for the song: “The highest high / The lowest low / I wanna lose my ego.”

“The lyrics are about letting go of your own bullshit to help other people. Wanting to love yourself to love others. The ego can make you feel like you’re the greatest person in the world or the worst.” states Solomon.

The chorus is transparent in explaining the lead singer’s focus on things bigger than himself: “I wanna be anybody but myself / I wanna love anybody but myself / I wanna be anybody but myself / I wanna love anybody but myself.”

The band say this album will be more personal to their current emotional and intellectual states, as Sean celebrated a year of sobriety on the road, and read Ain’t I A Woman by Bell Hooks and Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher. “I don’t want to be the guy who influences young people to go get high and become cliched tragic artists,” he says. “What I’d rather convey to people is that they’re not alone in what they think and how they feel.”

Watch the music video for “Ego”, directed by Ambaro Navarro, below, and find the details of Uneasy Laughter further down.

Uneasy Laughter Album Art:


Uneasy Laughter Tracklist:
01. Ego
02. Make It Stop
03. ///
04. Stranger
05. Running
06. Connect the Dots
07. Fall in Love
08. Coincidence or Fate
09. What Separates Us
10. //////////
11. Keep Out
12. Saving Face
13. Say Something