Modern Skirts: All Of Us In Our Night

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Modern Skirts: <em>All Of Us In Our Night</em>

Athens, Ga. popsters offer mid-tempo pleasantries

Amidst Ben Folds-inflected piano rockers, Modern Skirt’s 2005 debut featured the charming “Pasadena, a shuffling acoustic number that backed heartsick hopes with chiming group vocals. The lion’s share of their follow-up seizes on that formula, at its best holding steady between ’60s sunshine and ’90s alternative to spin out breezy jangle pop. The mid-tempo pleasantries do sometimes plod, however, even with their layered depth, and a melting-pot agreeability here is often an interest-losing weakness. All Of Us is invigorated midway through by “Face Down,” which sounds like a bizarro Weezer—in a world where Rivers Cuomo’s childhood obsession was more along the lines of Zombies than White Zombie. And as exhibited by the sly build of “Motorcade,” a campfire sing-along for the urban set (produced by R.E.M.’s Mike Mills), the Skirts are most captivating when they allow their songs to mature and surprise.

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