Modest Mouse: No One's First, And You're Next

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Modest Mouse: <em>No One's First, And You're Next</em>

The house that Mouse built

No One’s First kicks off with radio-bait “Satellite Skin”, a country-tinged rocker that plays on the point-counterpoint between Isaac Brock’s quavering vocals and a plodding guitar riff. Though the track lacks the immediacy of previous singles, the muted pace offers space for melancholic rumination that resolves into devastating release: “Just like being my own solar system / doing good things but then totally eclipse them / oh what’s the use oh what the hell”. Brock further levies his barbaric yawp on the manic Good News throwback “Guilty Cocker Spaniels” and fuzzed-out space jam “History Sticks to Your Feet”, asking existential questions and offering ripostes of piercing ennui in the same breath.