Exclusive: Molly Parden Shares Video For "Kitchen Table"

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Exclusive: Molly Parden Shares Video For "Kitchen Table"

Georgia-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Molly Parden has a new EP on the way, and she’s sharing the video for the first single from the project today exclusively via Paste. Watch the “Kitchen Table” music video below.

The Rosemary EP will arrive Nov. 13 on Tone Tree Music. But in the meantime we can enjoy “Kitchen Table,” the video for which is a dark series of high-contrast scenescapes. While spooky, it’s also strangely calming to watch.

“One of the beautiful aspects about a music video being absent of the artist’s silhouette is that the audience gets to see her song live a different life,” Parden says. “I’m drawn to the stark black and white contrast of a lush forest in bright sunlight and an ocean wave crashing, juxtaposed to a slow, crude drawing of concentric circles which I like to imagine are ‘the loneliness of the galaxies.’ Alien Bainbridge is just like us, looking for the light— that faint and soft blue glow that we’re all chasing.”

The video was produced by Running Through Spiderwebs and is presented by Molly Parden and the aforementioned Bainbridge. Here’s what the producers said about the project:

Our first encounter with Alien Bainbridge is difficult to pinpoint, nor are we entirely prepared to reveal the greater part of his encounters. One thing for certain is that we plan to continue observing him and his message in order to better understand his origin. We hope to continue sharing said transmissions with you by way of video format. Many thanks to Molly Parden for contributing music as a means for public communication.

“Kitchen Table” has the lush, unhurried sway of a Faye Webster (whose backing band Parden once played in) tune and the delicate vocals of your favorite indie-folk singer. If Parden’s tender voice sounds familiar, that might be because she’s offered her pipes as backup vocals to more than 50 records since moving to Nashville in 2013. She’s also performed with the backing bands for Sam Outlaw and David Ramirez.

Again, you can watch the video for “Kitchen Table” below. Further down, revisit Parden’s 2014 Daytrotter session.