Watch Molly Tuttle Play Songs from When You're Ready in the Paste Studio

Music Features Molly Tuttle
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Watch Molly Tuttle Play Songs from <i>When You're Ready</i> in the <i>Paste</i> Studio

Acclaimed bluegrass guitarist and singer/songwriter Molly Tuttle released her debut full-length album, When You’re Ready, last month on Compass Records. It’s exceedingly bright, honest and energetic and features artists like Jason Isbell, Rachel Baiman and Sierra Hull (Tuttle’s childhood friend who she’s been collaborating with for years). Tuttle may have gotten her start in bluegrass and roots circles, avenues where she’s still wholeheartedly embraced, but When You’re Ready is a sonic leap forward—Tuttle tries on both pop and rock sounds throughout.

Tuttle visited the Paste Studio on Monday where she treated her internet audience to four songs from the record: driving roots number “Take The Journey,” the suspenseful “Messed With My Mind,” the melancholic and melodic “Sleepwalking” and “Light Came In (Power Went Out),” undoubtedly the album’s centerpiece and one of the most beautiful folk-pop blends in Tuttle’s catalogue.

“I started writing [“Light Came In (Power Went Out)”] with my friend Maya de Vitry, and I had gotten home from tour and my roommates had forgotten to pay the electric bill so the power was out,” Tuttle said. “I remember writing in my phone I thought it would be a cool song idea, ‘Power Went Out.’”

It’s very cool, indeed. Bursting with tight electric guitar and Tuttle’s own lightning-fast picking on the acoustic, “Light Came In (Power Went Out)” is a real jam. Where her debut EP, Rise, was slightly more stripped-down, When You’re Ready is an embrace of that full-band sound. In the studio, she was joined by Sam Howard, Nicholas Falk and Anthony da Costa.

Watch Molly Tuttle in the Paste Studio below.

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