My Bloody Valentine to Reissue Back Catalog on Vinyl

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In 2012, My Bloody Valentine released CD and digital reissues of Loveless and Isn’t Anything, remastered from the original tapes and 1/2” analog tapes. Many fans rejoiced, but many felt shortchanged by the release format—what’s the point of remastering in analog when it’s only released in digital? Audiophiles and diehard fans alike were unenthused, to say the least.

Although no official vinyl has been reissued since the initial pressing of both albums, an unofficial vinyl reissue of Loveless came out in 2003, much to frontman and perfectionist Kevin Shield’s dismay. In an interview with Pitchfork Shields said:

In America, Warner Bros. licensed Loveless and Isn’t Anything to Plain Records, and they basically just ripped [the audio] off the CD and put it on vinyl [in 2003]. They did an awful, terrible job. It was done without my permission, and the sound quality was 100% wrong. It was a rip off to anyone who bought it.

Following that release, Shields promised an official vinyl reissue. Now, more than ten years later, that reissue is in the works. Sean Magee, mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios, has been posting updates on Twitter with Shields in the studio remastering and cutting recordings from the original analog tapes. See one of those update tweets below.

No release dates have been announced for the reissues, but fans can rest assured that they are on their way, eventually.