Narrow Head Release Nightmarish New Single "Hard to Swallow"

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Narrow Head Release Nightmarish New Single "Hard to Swallow"

Narrow Head have released a new noisy single, “Hard to Swallow,” from their forthcoming LP 12th House Rock, which is out Aug. 28 via Run For Cover.

The nightmarish track, which “was inspired by Helmet and Quickness-era Bad Brains,” is a short outburst of darkness and invigoration.

“A lot of the record was made in the late hours and early morning,” said frontman Jacob Duarte. “Those quiet moments alone when utter silence and my self-medication made it impossible to escape from my own thoughts.”

The lyrics of this song demonstrate that idea, as Duarte’s tired drawl shares hazy memories: “Talking to you is such a bore / Wake me up when you leave / There’s a pill for me by the door / Crush it up and you’ll see it’s hard to swallow.” He’s screaming by the end, but it’s distant and hollow.

Preorder 12th House Rock here, and listen to “Hard to Swallow” below.