Watch Natalie Prass' Beautifully Animated Music Video for New Single "Sisters"

The latest single from her forthcoming album The Future and The Past

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Watch Natalie Prass' Beautifully Animated Music Video for New Single "Sisters"

Natalie Prass shared on Tuesday the latest single off her forthcoming album, The Future and The Past, set to release on June 1 via ATO Records. The Richmond, Va.-based singer-songwriter announced her second studio album last month, alongside the music video to its funky lead single, “Short Court Style.”

Now, the artist shares a powerful new tune, described in a press release as “a call for solidarity and strength in femininity, during uncertain times.” Prass spoke about the inspiration behind “Sisters” in a statement, saying:

This song was written right after 45 was elected. I was raised in an environment where “women can’t do this or that”. It was around me in my personal life, but was also deeply built in the culture around me. It resulted in me thinking (sadly up until recently) to be a girl meant to be weak. I was rebellious and confused on what being a woman meant for me in life. A lot of women can’t relate to my situation, and I commend you, but I know a lot of women and girls out there can relate to my story. I now know more than ever that women are a force to be reckoned with, and we can change this world for the better. I desperately needed an anthem after Nov. 6. 2016. All of my past ghosts that I thought I had overcome came back to haunt me and I was paralyzed for months. This song was my warrior cry when I was losing hope. We demand equality for all marginalized groups, we demand safety in our neighborhoods, we demand safe health care and proper family leave, we demand better public schools for all classes, we demand equal pay & safety in our place of work. There are solutions to these issues and we need to stick together to solve them. When one ship rises, we all rise. Keep your sisters close. WE ARE WORLD WIDE WORLD CLASS.

“Sisters” is a gospel-infused track with a jazz-inspired piano and support from an all-female choir chanting, “Keep your sisters close / You gotta keep your sisters close to ya.” The kaleidoscopic animation of the music video is the perfect accompaniment to the single’s jazzy energy.

Prass recently performed “Short Court Style” during her late-night debut on Conan, following an impressive run at SXSW, earlier this year. Pre-sale copies of the artist’s forthcoming album are available right now via ATO Records.

Again, The Future and The Past is set to release on June 1. Check out the eye-popping animation of Prass’ “Sisters” video below, followed by the musician’s 2012 Daytrotter Session. For more Prass content, revisit Paste’s behind-the-scenes photo gallery of the artist performing at Brooklyn Steel in 2017 right here.