Nick Offerman and Jeff Tweedy Wrote Woodworking-Themed Songs Together

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Fans of woodworking and Wilco, rejoice: Nick Offerman and Jeff Tweedy’s bromance lives on.

The two rugged men have built a solid list of BFF accomplishments over the years, including Tweedy’s numerous appearances on Parks and Rec, and more extremely, a love letter from Offerman professing his plans to marry Wilco’s frontman. However, their latest endeavour of writing songs together truly takes the cake.

Offerman recently published Good Clean Fun, a book detailing his “misadventures in sawdust.” Accompanying the audiobook version of it are five original woodworking-themed songs, penned and performed by Offerman and Tweedy: “Music to Sand By,” “American White Oak,” “Raising the Grain,” “The Lazy Carpenter” and the title track, “Good Clean Fun.”

You can experience the Good Clean Fun of Offerman and Tweedy’s beautiful relationship now via Amazon.