Daily Dose: Night Tapes, "Forever"

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Daily Dose: Night Tapes, "Forever"

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There’s a comforting quality to the rhythmic bass that permeates “Forever,” the debut single from London dream-pop trio Night Tapes. Like lane markers snapping by on a drive down neon-lit streets, the bass flickers with an understated ease, letting the negative spaces in between notes take on a character all their own.

The bass isn’t the only thing that “Forever” has going for it, though; atmospheric synths further fit the track’s neo-noir aesthetics, while delicate percussion and the unexpected addition of airy acoustic guitars transports “Forever” to a coastal highway.

Pitched-up vocals soar above the instrumentation, repeating a simple refrain languishing in losing yourself in your romantic partner; “Hear from me baby / cry for me honey / all that I love is / all that you are / Forever, we can get it on.” The lyrics are simple enough and the performance catchy enough that you’ll be singing along by the end of the track’s four-minute runtime.

“Forever” is pulled from the band’s forthcoming debut EP Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo. Per the group’s Bandcamp page, the album “draws from the feeling of loving London yet sometimes wishing to escape its mindset.” It’s out Aug. 23 via Breaker Breaker, and you can preorder it digitally or on cassette here. Listen to “Forever” below.