Photos: Nikki Lane - Seattle, Wash.

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Photos: Nikki Lane - Seattle, Wash.

Nikki Lane is just celebrating the release of her latest full-length All Or Nothin’, out last week. It’s the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s third album, and even in the short time since release day, it’s garnered a buzz that’s catapulted her further into the spotlight on the rapidly-growing alt country scene.

“The thing I love about this alt country, or Americana, whatever this world is that me and all my buddies have gotten lumped into, it’s a bunch of characters writing songs,” she told Hilary Hughes for Paste earlier this month. “Just as Gary Briggs from New West says, we’re ‘living’ our songs. We wrote them about real shit that happened to us. No hypotheticals.”

This week, Lane brought her lauded live show to Seattle’s Showbox at the Market, and photographer Kirk Stauffer was there to document the set. Check out his images in the gallery by clicking above.